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Stackable wedding chairs for easy transportation
Whatever the event – wedding, banquet, state occasion or family party, Band’s banquet chairs are designed and constructed to look great, feel comfortable and be robust enough to stand up to frequent use.

Band International understands that every rental company, or any venue with their own stock needs to own good quality, stackable chairs. As a result, Band chairs stack ten high, and are both light yet robust enough for the hire trade. A stack of 10 Camelot® Wedding Chairs weighs about 35kg, thus allowing for fast set-up and dismantling of events. The quality of Band’s stacking chairs ensures that the stack remains compact through transport and does not rattle around rubbing paint off or fall over causing damage.

Your stacking banquet chairs arrive in stack-sacks which are provided to you free of charge. These are shower proof and designed to provide provide protection during transport and storage. An economical and environmental solution to days wasted unwrapping and disposing of skiploads of bubble-wrap. Band stack-sacks provide protection for each unit of ten chairs during transport.

Band stackable chairs are easily and economically transported and warehoused. A 7 tonne lorry carries 550 standard chairs, which take up approximately 12 m2 of space.

Genuine, stylish and eye-catching, Band International stacking banquet chairs are hand made using traditional bentwood techniques from sustainably forested European beech wood and are seen at the latest top end events and occasions around the world.

Band chairs enhance any event. They make countless appearances at fashion shows and in celebrity publications where top-end event seating is required.

All Band International’s stacking chairs are made using timber sourced from sustainably managed, FCS Certified beechwood forests in the EU.

Strict production control (see ISO 9001 certificate) ensures reliable quality of Band International’s stackable chairs.

High throughput from production lines dedicated to Band International ensures timely delivery.

Band’s stackable chairs are made of wood so they can be easily repainted and repaired. Industry experts recognise the importance of the repairability of the Band event chair.

Band International can make your banqueting chairs in any colour. Our standard colours are gold, silver, in full or antique finish, black, white, natural beech, mahogany, walnut, chocolate, tobacco, and the ever popular limewash.

We can often adapt any of our stackable banquet chair designs to suit your individual needs.

10 to a table
10 people can sit comfortably at a 5′ (150cm) round table or 12 people around a 6′ round table.

Our seat pads fit any Band chair. Fabric is compliant with BS7176:2007 Medium Hazard and is the correct standard for the rental and hospitality industry. Ivory is supplied in velours or faux leather, other colours in a traditional draylon.

The velcro fastening allows seatpads to be easily inter-changed, thus facilitating easy colour theming.

Rental revenue on Band chairs will not be eroded by maintenance costs. The new antique range of banqueting chairs follows on from the success of the successful Camelot® limewash chair and offers a low maintenance finish to give a faster return on your capital.

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