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Stackable Polycarbonate Banqueting Chairs for Easy Transportation


All of Band International’s polycarbonate banquet chairs are stackable. The Banquo banqueting chair is the favourite amongst rental companies due to its greater stackability. Supported at an angle on its pallet, the stack of Banquo chairs reaches 16 high. Freestanding, the chairs can be stacked up to 4-6 high. Banquo chairs are delivered on their pallets in stacks of 16 (pallets at no extra charge).

The Banquo chair has small nylon nodules underneath each corner of the seat, which prevent movement between chairs during handling and transportation and add to the strength of the stack.

All other polycarbonate banquet chairs stack up to 4 high.


Polycarbonate has proven strength and durability. Also used as a reinforcement agent, it is virtually impossible to break or damage a polycarbonate chair. Wear and tear will eventually show through scratches on the surface but will not affect the structure of the chair. Further information on the advantages of polycarbonate over acrylic for wedding and banqueting chairs


Banquo chairs can be transported on their pallet using a trolley. Stacks of up to 5 Banquo chairs can be transported singlehandedly. An opening across the lower back of the chair makes handling easier. 800 Banquo chairs stacked on their pallet fill a 40’ container.

All other polycarbonate banquet chairs can be transported in their stack of 4.


Band International’s Phantom banqueting chairs are a party planner’s dream! Creative lighting and a fleet of translucent chairs offers the ultimate indulgence to any extravagant banquet and the perfect tool for an event organiser.


Strict production control (see ISO 9001 certificate) ensures consistent quality of all Band’s wedding and banqueting chairs. Band International will always keep its promises and meet your deadlines, even if it means delivering chairs ourselves!


Band’s polycarbonate banquet chairs are available in a range of colours. Our standard colours are smoky grey, black, blue, red, green and gold. We have a range of designs to cater for every event.

10 to a table

10 people can sit comfortably round a 5’ (150cm) table or 12 people round a 6’ round table. See individual polycarbonate banquet chairs for further details.

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