about the company…

It was at the start of the 1990’s that the ubiquitous ‘Gilt Wedding Chair’ was cleverly adapted by means of a Band International innovation to enable the chairs to stack securely ten high. This revolutionised the logistical possibilities for rental companies and everyone wanted the new “Cheltenham®®” event chair.

Since then, Band International has gone from strength to strength, maintaining its position as the market leader among Wedding Chair suppliers. It has done this through an unswerving commitment to quality and service, by listening to its customers and taking a long term view of customer relations, and by continuing to innovate with new styles and finishes. Band also values its suppliers and is keen to support their enterprises and improvements.

As a family firm, Band sees both its customers and its suppliers as part of an extended family – mutual support and co-operation means that customisations are possible, deadlines can be achieved and a harmonious atmosphere prevails. Having a strong social conscience also means that we are proud to use only FSC certified timber, and to be confident that working conditions are safe and appropriate for everyone involved in production of our wedding chairs.

about the people…

Band International was founded in the 1980’s by Will Pakenham-Walsh and Mike Davey. In the early 1990’s the company relocated to the Isle of Wight, and Mike left to pursue his other interests. He and Will remain firm friends to this day. Mike’s role was taken on by Maggie, Maggie and Will continued to run Band together for the next 20 years.

Maggie joined Band with many years of experience in management systems and accounts, working for a variety of companies and local government, as well as running her own accounting business. With the arrival of her three children she was very happy to find a career that she was able to fit around her family, and as they grew, so did her role within Band. She and Will perfectly complemented one another; whilst Will roamed the country spreading goodwill and a degree of chaos, Maggie made sense of the resulting paperchase and kept a calm eye on proceedings.

She has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the business, its customers and suppliers. Now that her children have at least technically left home, Maggie divides her spare time between her four Border Collies and her long suffering husband, Peter.

Many customers will remember Ro Pakenham-Walsh with affection; Will’s eldest daughter, Ro had worked in the events industry for several years, and when she joined the team at Band in 2009 it was a strong possibility that she would eventually take over the reins, leaving Will to take a back seat. However, she decided that her true vocation lay in education, so after a return to university, she took up her first teaching position and is very happy encouraging her young charges to embrace an active lifestyle.

This decision led Will to consider his own future. Always known and loved by his customers as a free spirit, Will decided that the call of the hills and beaches was too strong, and that he would hang up his mobile phone for good, and take to the roads in a converted VW named Doris. The last two years have seen him arranging his own family’s weddings, and with the arrival of his new grandchild, he is thoroughly enjoying life, yet still on hand when advice is needed.

Prior to his retirement, Will was joined by Maggie’s sister Cathy, who worked closely with Will to understand the ethos and technical side of the business. Cathy brought her many years of experience in purchasing, gained whilst working in the upper echelons of several of the country’s leading defence and aviation industries. Her knowledge of contract law among other gems has proved invaluable. Cathy lives with her husband Mike and a boisterous Airedale Terrier named Polly. She is a keen gardener and also spends time in France.

Why choose Band International’s chairs?

  • All Band chairs are built to the highest quality standards, manufacturing to ISO9001 standards with strict adherence to our own quality code.
  • Band chairs are made from FSC Certified timber sourced from sustainably managed beech wood forests in Europe.
  • Band International chairs are not individually wrapped in bubble-wrap but instead come with a free, reusable stack sack, which protects a stack of 10 chairs and saving on waste, pollution and customers time.
  • Both our wooden and clear chairs are extremely strong. Traditional manufacturing techniques ensure they will withstand robust use by guests and staff alike.
  • The lightweight construction allows quick setting-up and clearing away before and after events.
    With 10 chairs weighing just 35kg, chairs can be transported by a standard 7 ton lorry, the compact and stable stackability of chairs makes for easy storage.
  • In the unlikely event they happen, breakages can be easily repaired as we carry a stock of spare parts.
  • Careful design allows 10 chairs around a standard 5 foot table. Extra large seats are available as an option, this has made our chairs particularly popular in the US market where size can be an important factor.

An ongoing commitment to quality in wedding and banqueting chair supply

Our commitment to our product goes much further than simply providing customers with chairs. We understand our customers’ business and will help to achieve their ambitions. We like to work closely with our customers, whom we see as long term partners rather than a short term source of profit. Our customers will tell you that you can rely on us not just only to solve any problems but also to assist with growing your business. We make every effort to meet the tightest of deadlines, we deliver on time to the remotest of places and above all, we ensure that your customers view you with the same respect that our customers view us.

How to find out more, or to place an order.

If you would like more information on any of our wedding and banqueting chairs, or require prices or to place an order, call us on +44 (0) 1983 755 858. Alternatively, use our contact form or email your enquiry direct to ku.oc.dnab@seiriuqne