The Derby wedding and banqueting chair

A sibling of the Camelot® wedding chair, the Derby chair is a favourite in the American market and has become the standard wedding and banqueting chair in the USA. The Derby chair is also referred to as the Chivari chair, which has become a generic term for this style of banqueting chair.

The Derby came into being when Band International developed a Chivari chair so that it became stackable for the rental industry and more comfortable for people to sit on. Since it was introduced into the US market, the stacking Derby chair has been copied and reproduced in the Far East.

Despite many similarities upon first viewing, there are a few subtle differences which distinguish the Derby chair from the Camelot® wedding chair. The Derby chair has a higher back, which is not curved like the back of the Camelot® wedding chair. The proportions of the Derby chair lend themselves well to the stronger, oversize seat frame, which is standard in the USA and the Middle East. This larger seat is stronger than the standard European seat and answers the tricky question “what to put under the generously proportioned guest” at a wedding or party. The larger Chivari chair performs to the standards set by Band’s other bentwood chairs: it stacks to 10 high (although the stack will be approximately 10kg heavier); it benefits from interchangeable seat pads (which are also offered in a larger size). Aside from weight, the only practical difference between the larger Derby chair and the standard size seat frame lies in the number of people they both seat around a table. Whilst the standard size Chivari chair can seat 10 to a (5’ round) table, the oversize chair only seats 8.

The Derby chair looks stunning in every colour or stain but is particularly attractive in the new antique finish. This effect offers a low maintenance finish, which puts an end to chipped paint and costly upkeep. The antique finish is available in gold, silver, black, white and copper and has already been extremely successful in limewash (the alternative to white paint).

When choosing between the Derby chair and the Camelot® chair, we would recommend you consider the size of the seat frame and the style that other rental companies or venues nearby hold for cross hiring purposes.

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Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Derby

Technical Specifications

Height(A) Depth(B) Width(C) Seat Height(D)
102cm 42.5cm 43cm 45cm
Weight w/o pad Stack Qty
3.5kg 10 chairs
Stack of Ten Data:
Height Depth Width
246cm 82cm 43cm
Built in Europe to ISO9001. FSC Certified Timber
Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Derby Dimensions

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