The Banquo wedding and banqueting chair

The Banquo Banqueting chair is a clear-cut and modern Phantom polycarbonate banqueting and wedding chair. Its understated elegance is without a shadow of a doubt responsible for its popularity in the events industry. Like other banqueting chairs in the Phantom range, the Banquo chair was named after its translucent appearance and, like its Shakespearean character, it may wow guests when it puts in a surprise appearance at the banquet.

The Banquo chair is made from one piece of polycarbonate. This material is light and delicate in appearance but strong and robust in action. The lack of joints or screws means the Banquo chair will not bend or squeak as guests manoeuvre themselves in their seats. It also makes it one of the strongest polycarbonate wedding chairs on the market.

This polycarbonate chair is the rental industry’s favourite thanks to its ability to stack 16 high on a pallet. Unlike any other Phantom banquet chair, the Banquo chair has soft nylon gliders in each corner under the seat which add stability to the stack. Thus the Banquo chair can be transported and stored in its stack far quicker and more easily than other polycarbonate wedding chairs. Alternatively it can be stacked 4-6 high without the pallet.

When stacked, these nylon gliders reduce movement and act as a buffer between chairs, which means that the Banquo chair is also less likely to scratch.

The Banquo chair does not require a seat pad and is at its most attractive when left unadorned. However, the opening at the bottom of the seatback makes a seat pad an option and Band International have developed an attractive cushion to cater for enquiries from rental companies and venues. Whilst it cannot be denied that the seat pads detract from the translucent effect of the Banquo chair, they do offer a sophisticated finish, comfort and further protection against scratching.

The Banquo chair’s seat is the same width as Band’s bentwood range and can therefore seat 10 guests around a 5’ table; 12 guests around a 6’ table.

Please ask us if you require a smaller quantity as we can sometimes combine order to achieve the moq requirement.

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Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Banquo

Technical Specifications

Height(A) Depth(B) Width(C) Seat Height(D)
82cm 47cm 47cm 44.5cm
Weight w/o pad Stack Qty
5kg 16 chairs
Stack of Sixteen (on pallet) Data:
Height Depth Width Gross Weight
177cm 100cm 48cm 82kg
Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Banquo Dimensions

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