The Casper wedding and banqueting chair

The Casper chair came into Band International’s range of Phantom chairs as a result of demand for the Ghost look several years ago. The original Philip Stark Ghost chair was not available at affordable prices for the rental industry and, until variations of the design came onto the market more recently, the polycarbonate chair was largely unobtainable.

The Casper chair, similar in style to the Ghost chair, is renowned for its 18th century form and translucent appearance. Whilst its well established appearance will dazzle guests at every banquet, the Casper chair does not offer the rental company such an easy ride. Stackable 4 high, it is neither as sturdy nor as user friendly as other polycarbonate models. The design is such that the thin part under the seat means there is a relatively small contact area between the two chairs when stacked. Consequently the stack tends to slide apart. For hotels and restaurants that do not transport chairs between storage and venue, the Casper chair presents itself as a good choice; for the rental company or venue for whom materials handling is a major feature, Band International recommends the Banquo polycarbonate banqueting chair as a more suitable alternative.

Like other polycarbonate models, the Casper banqueting chair stacks 4 high and can seat 8-10 guests around a 5’ table; 10-12 guests around a 6’ table.

MOQ = 240 for 20” container
MOQ = 350 for 40’ container.

Please ask us if you require a smaller quantity as we can sometimes combine order to achieve the moq requirement.

Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Casper

Technical Specifications

Height(A) Depth(B) Width(C) Seat Height(D)
90cm 50cm 47cm 45cm
Weight w/o pad Stack Qty
4kg 10 chairs
Stack of Ten Data:
Height Depth Width
230cm 82cm 42cm
Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Casper Dimensions

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