Banqueting and Wedding chairs from Band International

Band International supplies wedding and banqueting chairs for functions and events worldwide. Band has been established since 1982 and since that time it has built an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.

Guests at many of the world’s most prestigious occasions find themselves comfortably seated on our chairs. Band seating is often the preferred choice at royal and state occasions as well as at celebrity weddings and other celebrations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Australia.

  • New contemporary designs and customization available
  • Fast return on investment, very low maintenance
  • Lightweight and robust construction for long life use
  • Stackable to 10 chairs high
  • FSC Certified, ISO 9001 Quality manufactured
  • Made in our European Factory

The Band Choice – What makes Band chairs so unique

Discover the real Band difference. We have many unique design, manufacturing and finishing processes that give our chairs their exceptional look, durability and strength!

  1. The Band seat frame is made from one continuous piece of wood which is bent under high temperatures and joined in one place (join often not even visible). This technique gives unparalleled strength and has produced the most lightweight wooden stackable chair on the market.
  2. The groove in the seat frame (which allows the chairs to stack) is designed so that the only point of contact between the chairs is on the inside of the back leg beneath the seat. If there is any paint damage, it is kept to the least visible area. The groove is also designed to keep chairs very tight in their stack so when they are moved or transported in lorries they will not wobble, knock against other chairs or lose their stability.
  3. A steel bolt is used in place of screws to give extra strength.
  4. High quality machinery assures all joints are tight.
  5. The high quality finish of Band chairs comes as a result of a laborious painting process during which chairs are lacquered, sanded and lacquered again. Band’s antique finish is almost maintenance free.

Second Sitting

Take a look at our range of second-hand and reconditioned chairs. All have the same high quality you would expect from Band. Our stock is rigorously inspected before going on sale for long lasting performance and reliability.

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