The Napoleon Diane wedding and banqueting chair

The Napoleon style Diane wedding chair is the front runner in the elegant French market, where caterers look for a more ornate style. It is reminiscent of the golden era of Napoleon III, which is the native name for this chair.

The Napoleon Diane chair gracefully performs the functions of every Band International wedding chair: it seats 10 people to a 5’ round table, stacks 10 high at 35kg, welcomes interchangeable seatpads and is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Its most popular colour by far is gold, thanks to popularity with Royal events and occasions. Like all Band International models, the Napoleon Diane chair is made from sustainably managed beechwood forests within the EU and is an original design by Band International of the highest calibre to seat its prestigious guests.

Famous in Europe, and about to make its mark here, the Napoleon Diane is ready to cross the channel and conquer hearts and minds here in the UK.

The Napoleon chair is also available from Band International in clear polycarbonate, please follow the link to see this clear favourite!

The Napoleon Diane chair has also been adapted upon request by Buckingham Palace to create a high back version, making it more stately and regal. This new model is a larger version of its original form and the high back gives a striking effect, especially within the larger venue or a function room with high ceilings. The high back Napoleon Diane chair can also have a larger seat frame, which is standard in the US. This model has also had a lot of interest from castles in Germany, who admire the elegant sturdiness offered by the larger proportions.

As well as a huge presence in the French market, this wedding chair also makes frequent appearances in the UK and across the rest of Europe. It has seated members of the royal family, including Her Majesty the Queen at Hillsborough Castle and other prestigious guests at Arundel Castle. On the continent the Napoleon Diane chair has been recognised at the weddings of the Danish royal family and at the wedding of the Swedish Crown Prince.

Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Napolean Diane

Technical Specifications

Height(A) Depth(B) Width(C) Seat Height(D)
88cm 42.5cm 43cm 45cm
Weight w/o pad Stack Qty
3.5kg 10 chairs
Stack of Ten Data:
Height Depth Width
230cm 82cm 43cm
Built in Europe to ISO9001. FSC Certified Timber
Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Napolean Diane Dimensions

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