Band Clear Chairs Range

Band International’s clear chair range presents an array of stylish and glamorous polycarbonate chairs perfect for banquets, glitzy events and the contemporary venue. The rental market has long demanded a chair that permits a degree of creativity such as is possible with the polycarbonate chair, however at over £100, the original Ghost chair remained inaccessible to most.

Fortunately the translucent look caught on and manufacturers around the world came to present their own designs at more affordable prices. Band International invested time into researching all new polycarbonate models, tested their quality and suitability for the rental market and acted on feedback from its customers. We now present a range of the highest quality polycarbonate chairs that are attractive, functional and popular amongst our customers.

Band’s clear polycarbonate banqueting chairs marry style with quality. Manufactured in Europe, the clear chair range presents polycarbonate chairs that are unique in style. The translucent nature of the polycarbonate chair has many qualities for party planners, caterers and venues. Together with creative lighting, the polycarbonate banqueting chair can produce brilliant effects and bring style and zest to every occasion.

Each clear chair is made from polycarbonate, a material renowned for its strength and durability. Innovative design using soft nylon gliders under the seat ensures chairs’ stability whilst stacked, during transport and handling. In short, our clear chairs will rise to the most spirited of occasions.

From the modern Banquo chair to the fabulous Spectre, the clear range of polycarbonate chairs offers styles that suit a variety of high-end occasions.