The Cheltenham® wedding and banqueting chair

The Cheltenham® chair is a real ‘workhorse’, yet still a longstanding favourite amongst rental companies and venues. Often referred to as the gilt chair, it runs well under its traditional gold colours but silver and natural are also very popular choices.

Like all models, the Cheltenham® chair stacks 10 high, benefits from interchangeable seatpads and is available in a range of colours and finishes. With its bentwood seat frame, the Cheltenham® chair weighs a mere 3kg, making a stack of 10 perfectly transportable for the average handyman. Yet its strength is not to be underestimated: unlike cheaper imitations, the gilt chair will withstand the wear and tear of the rental industry and, under normal use, should last well over 10 years, as some of our customers can testify. Band International supplies extra spindles, as this is the part of the chair that is put under most pressure as everyone tries to get a glimpse of the action!

The Cheltenham® chair or gilt chair came into existence when Band International’s Hungarian factory adapted an existing model about 20 years ago to make it stack 10 high. It is the original Cheltenham® chair of genuine design, proven over time. Since this time, it has become the UK rental industry’s standard. Many cheaper imitations are in circulation in the industry and, as with all copies, it is advisable to compare the quality of the product and give consideration to the desired lifespan of the chair when looking to make a purchase.

The gilt chair is a generic term for the gold banqueting chair. In England, this covers Band’s Cheltenham® chairs, Camelot® chairs and adaptations of both. In the USA however, the gilt chair refers primarily to the gold Chivari chair, or Derby as Band International has named it.

Stylish, comfortable, light and strong, the Cheltenham® chair is Cheltenham®’s “Arkle”. It has starred at many televised award ceremonies and films including: Four weddings and a funeral and Johnny English and appears in prestigious venues such as the Natural History Museum, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Warwick Castle and at The Brit Awards.

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Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair - The Cheltenham

Technical Specifications

Height(A) Depth(B) Width(C) Seat Height(D)
88cm 42.5cm 43cm 45cm
Weight w/o pad Stack Qty
3.5kg 10 chairs
Stack of Ten Data:
Height Depth Width
230cm 82cm 43cm
Built in Europe to ISO9001. FSC Certified Timber
Band International - Wedding and Banqueting Chair Dimensions - The Cheltenham

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