Customised chair design, colour and finish.

If you have any particular requirements or changes that need making to your event seating, we are able to help. We are always open to suggestions on colour, upholstery and new designs. Contact us for details of how we can modify the design of our event seating to suit your needs. Our chair designs originate from the market. Most of our models are a result of discussions between Band International, our customers and our factory. All designs are made to stack 10 chairs high; seatpads are interchangeable; chairs are easily serviceable and all models can seat 10 to a table.

The Dubai chair is the ultimate in bespoke banquet chairs. It can be supplied with a wooden backrest in a variety of styles or an upholstered back for supreme comfort. The Dubai wedding chair is perfect for the venue or rental company looking for event seating which is customised for their clients, without the added expense of a new chair.

The rental market has particular needs for a banquet chair that is light, stylish, strong and stackable, with a robust finish. Materials handling is all about getting a product from warehouse to venue and back quickly, cheaply and without any damage. We are constantly striving to find new paint finishes to meet the rugged requirements of the rental industry. The well-established Camelot® limewash chair, which was introduced into the market at the turn of the millenium’, offers customers a solution to the costly upkeep of traditionally painted chairs. Thanks to its success with rental companies and venues alike, we have subsequently introduced the same antique style finish in gold, silver, copper and black into our range of event seating.