Antique Finish

The well-established Camelot® chair is best known for its limewash finish, which has enjoyed huge success with rental companies and venues and huge popularity with end users. Apart from looking great, this distressed finish also requires virtually no maintenance. As a result, the Antique finish is now available in gold, silver, copper and black and has the same maintenance-saving properties as the limewash chair.

Antique effect finish for wedding and banqueting chairs

Unlike methods used by cheaper imitations, whereby paint is sponged on and off, Band International’s elaborate painting process ensures a consistent and high quality finish on every chair. Paint powder is rubbed into the bare wood, removed so that only residual traces are left in the notches and grooves. A lacquer seal then completes this laborious process. The antique finish offers a low-maintenance version whose paint matches the longevity of the chair itself.

Low-maintenance wedding and banqueting chair

The antique effect described above has advantages over traditionally painted chairs: Any chips or scratches do not detract from the appearance and therefore the chairs do not require regular repainting’. As a result, a Band wedding chair in a low-maintenance finish can often look new for many years. The only maintenance this finish should involve is an occasional wipe to remove shoe scuff-marks from the bottom of the legs.

Value for money

Feedback from our hire customers who have experience of the limewash chair indicates that a Band International banqueting chair in an antique finish will save a significant amount to the rental company or venue, ensuring their profits stay in their pockets. With a quality chair that is designed to last well over 10 years and next to no additional maintenance costs, a Band International chair will pay for itself many times over.