Band’s range of stackable wedding chairs

Band International’s range of FSC Certified bentwood wedding and event chairs has developed over the years to cater for changes in the hospitality market. Our bentwood chairs range from the classic Cheltenham® banqueting chair, which first graced the scene in the early 90s and whose popularity continues today, through the ever popular Camelot® chair which still highly sought after amongst brides following appearances at numerous high profile and celebrity weddings, to the newest addition to the Band stable – the crossback styled Curragh®.

Band International’s range of bentwood chairs reflects the innovative design and cooperation between Band International, its factory and its customers over the last two decades. All Band chairs are designed to bear three primary functions:

  • To look good
  • To stack well
  • To last a long time

It is for this reason that all the leading rental companies buy Band chairs and subsequently many famous people sit on them.

All Band International bentwood chairs are manufactured to the highest standard within the European Union by craftsmen using traditional bentwood construction. This method, in which wood is steamed and then bent while wet, was developed in the mid nineteenth century. It combines strength with lightness, making our chairs ideal for use both by venues and by hire companies and all those who frequently need to store and transport a large quantity of event seating.

Band also has a responsibility towards the environment. All the timber for our wedding and banqueting chairs is FSC Certified and is sourced in the EU from sustainably managed Beechwood forests. We have taken steps to minimise our packaging and this, along with the FSC accreditation, is an increasingly important issue amongst buyers.