Chair tips for the rental industry

This is the time of the year for consolidating after the summer season, preparing for the lead up to Christmas and for preparing for next year.

Unless your philosophy is to be the cheapest supplier, make sure your product offer has the edge on the competition by smartening up.


Consolidate: by repainting those chairs if they need it, clean or renew the seat pads

Refresh: by tweaking your offering by adding something new for next season. Gold was the colour 20 years ago and black is in vogue now.  Limewash and the new antique colours are becoming ever more popular as they require no maintenance and still look as fresh as the day you bought them maybe 8 years ago.

Lead:  if you are looking for a completely new line, don’t follow the competition but be bold. The American market offering is limited to the Chiavari chair but in Europe there are at least 6 different styles to choose from and the latest addition is the Medallion look.