Event chairs will always be subjected to heavy use and will require refurbishing from time to time. Band International banquet and wedding chairs are designed to be re-sprayed easily and effectively. They can either be sent to furniture restorers or done in-house.

When using metallic powder (gold and silver powder can be provided by us); use a ratio of 50 grams of powder to 1 kilo of lacquer- enough to spray 10 banquet chairs.

Some colours and finishes will require more upkeep than others. White banquet chairs tend to show more marks and will usually require repainting more frequently than other colours.

Repainting banquet chairs costs time and money, which is why Band’s antique finish is so popular. Paint is applied to chairs and then removed to create a unique, attractive and low maintenance finish. The effect has had so much success in limewash – the alternative to white – that Band now offers low maintenance versions of gold, silver, copper and black.