When other chairs are available at cheaper rates, this question inevitably arises. Furniture hire companies and venues have been choosing our chairs since Band was established nearly 20 years ago. The reasons they continue to do so are simple:

  • Our bentwood chairs are sturdily made using traditional bentwood construction techniques ensuring they will withstand sometimes insensitive use by guests
  • The selection of styles in our standard range means that a suitable design is available for many types of occasion, whether formal, informal or royal
  • All the seat pads are easily removable. Not only does this make for easy cleaning but it also allows hirers to offer a wide range of colours simply by changing the pads
  • Breakages inevitably occur from time to time (though our chairs are remarkably resilient to the harshest usage) but most breakages can be easily repaired as we carry a stock of spare parts. Our quick turn-around time means replacements can be supplied at short notice (information on chair maintenance and refurbishment)
  • Careful design allows 10 chairs around a standard 5 foot table
  • Extra large seats are available as an option, this has made our chairs particularly popular in the US market where size often matters
  • The compact and stable stackability of chairs makes for easy storage
  • The lightweight construction allows quick setting-up and clearing away before and after events
  • With 10 chairs weighing just 35kg, chairs can be transported by a standard 7 ton lorry
  • Our wide range of styles offers a suitable design for every occasion.
  • Tie-on seat pads may be applied to the seat of the Banquo if the occasion demands it
  • Our quick delivery time ensures chairs can meet your occasion at very short notice

Value for money

Customer testimonials point to the reasons why Band International chairs are considered best value for money. Recent feedback from our customers proves this.

According to our customers’ figures, the Band International chair will last well over 10 years and

Earn £40-£50 p.a. depending on model (UK figures)
Cost £0 (burnished) – £10 (painted) p.a. to maintain

Thus the initial purchase price of the chair though not insignificant, should be related to its lifetime earnings potential of over £300.

Many of our newer customers have had experience with cheaper copies of our designs, which have not lasted as long as they had hoped and had incurred heavy upkeep costs along the way.

If event furniture appears on your hire inventory, please email Band International for details of our quality event seating, including the most robust, lightweight and elegant banquet and wedding chairs you will ever offer your clients.