Band International uses the most advanced methods to ensure unparalleled strength : weight ratio and high quality stackability. Bentwood construction achieves these objectives.

When wood is bent to shape, it retains all its natural strength. Sawing a leg profile to shape means the manufacturer has to cut across the grain of the wood, thereby weakening its inherent structure.

Band’s bentwood seat frame is the most expensive part of the chair to make. It is one continuous piece of beech wood with the joint located at the back of the seat.

This is much stronger than the seat frame of cheaper imitation banqueting chairs which may have 4 separate pieces of wood with each leg entering the frame at the weakest point – the corner joint!

Reliable furniture renting requires efficient materials handling. Success is measured by how quickly chairs can be transported from store to venue and back without damage. So Band chairs must be light enough for a man to carry a stack of ten chairs yet strong enough to withstand the robust nature of the events/rental business. The weight : strength ratio is critical.